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Viking Air DHC-2 MKIII Turbo Beaver

Viking Air DHC-2 MKIII Turbo Beaver Image
Known by some as the "workhorse of the north", the Beaver has been instrumental in the development of modern frontiers around the world. It is also the first single-engine utility aircraft to be turbine powered with de Havilland producing over 60 Turbo units before production ceased.


Pricing: $1,800,000



1959 de Havilland Way

Sidney, BC , V8L 5V5


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Overview of Viking Air DHC-2 MKIII Turbo Beaver

The Viking Turbo Beaver has more power, better all-around performance, a longer cabin and larger payload than the Beaver from which it was developed. It benefits from over 40 years of continuous world wide operation. It is the most rugged and reliable aircraft in it’s category.

In landplane form, our Turbo Beaver operates from un-surfaced ground strips or forest clearings of three hundred metres (1,000 feet) in length. With fuel reserves, operating under Visual Flight Rules (VFR), it carries a load of about half a ton on practical stages for nearly 1,000 kilometres (about 600 statute miles). With Viking's 6,000 lb upgrade, the Turbo Beaver can haul 2,450 lbs of freight.

A cabin extension, providing for extra windows, a large baggage door and a cargo net, is also available in two different configurations from Viking. The Turbo Beaver can also be fitted with floats, amphibious gear or skis.

The Viking Turbo Beaver is versatile and may be adapted for agricultural spraying, dusting and seeding as well as in oilfield, mining, and industrial transportation applications.

Designed with maintenance in mind, a number of Turbo Beaver modifications make for quick turnaround and easy maintenance.

(Proposed – Customize to fit your needs)

Engine Model: Factory NEW PT6A-34 with full Pratt & Whitney Warranty
Prop: Factory NEW Hartzell 3 Blade Reversing Paddle Prop with pitch latches
Optional Equipment: Viking Air 6000 Lb. Hi-Gross Kit
Viking Air PT6A-34 Engine Kit (680HP)
NEW Extended Cabin Kit & Battery
NEW Alaska Door
NEW Life Time Wing Struts
Wing Tip Tanks
Tinted Overhead Windows
Strobe System
FACTORY NEW Wipline 6100 Amphib Floats
9 to 11 Place Seating
All AD’s & Service Bulletins Complied With Three Point Shoulder Harness, Pilot & Co-Pilot
NEW Viking Custom Instrument Panel
NEW High Quality Paint
NEW Wiring Harness, including Viking Cool Start Kit
NEW Custom Interior
Single or Dual Controls & Brakes
Avionics: STEC System 50 Autopilot System
STEC Electric Trim System
GNS 530 Garmin GPS / NAV / COM
GNS 430 Garmin GPS / NAV / COM
GTX 327 Garmin Digital Transponder
GMA 340 Garmin Audio
KCS55A Compass System
Shadin Mini-flow Fuel Mgt. System (LBS/Hour or USG/Hour)
Volt/Ammeter Electronics International Digital Voltammeter
Viking Air Digital Prop Position Indicating System
Lake & Air Gear Advisory System



Viking Air DHC-2 MKIII Turbo Beaver Rankings

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#2 - Best Turboprop Aircrafts August 2014.
#2 - Best Turboprop Aircrafts July 2014.
#2 - Best Turboprop Aircrafts June 2014.



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